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 Nice Lil hreats from okeydoke26 [vca] ranked 726

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PostSubject: Nice Lil hreats from okeydoke26 [vca] ranked 726   Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:49 pm

09-15 22:33:07 Alliance [B C] Circular Message to Your Alliance [B C]
daxter informs you:

09-15 21:54:33 okeydoke26 [1:45:10] no subject
if you attack 1:430:6.. you will regret it.. may god have mercy on your soul

this dude is ranked 700th odd, and he is threatening me !! aha

Tell him ..."anytime" Wink

Whats the full story?

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Nice Lil hreats from okeydoke26 [vca] ranked 726
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