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PostSubject: ANALYSIS   ANALYSIS Icon_minitimeTue Oct 16, 2007 11:22 pm

The Borg represent the possible results of overusing technology; today we are already beginning to experience the dependence on technology which encompasses the Borg so dramatically. The Borg's need for new technological advancements, and their obsession with the perfection of the 'body', has ultimately cost them their humanity. They now lack any emotional responses or individuality, which is why they are easily the most feared species in the Star Trek universe. The Borg's dependence on technology serves as a warning to humanity not to sacrifice our individuality and our emotions--in essence our humanity--for perfection through inorganic enhancements.

The Borg could also be representative of technology's ability to create a state of unity in which all individuals work for the good of the whole. Like the internet today, the technology used by the Borg allows them to share their "mental abilities in the construction of collective intelligence" so that all Borg drones will benefit from the community's knowledge. While the unity of the Borg collective can be considered symbolic of technology's ability to create a system of "collective intelligence," the unity experienced by the Borg collective cannot be considered an admirable state by common standards. The "collective intelligence" of the internet only allows us to offer our knowledge to others in our online communities--we cannot force others to accept our knowledge or share our opinions. However, the "collective intelligence" of the Borg completely controls all thoughts and actions, eliminating any possibility of individual choice. In the Borg collective, the flesh and mind of the individual has become the absolute property of the "war machine" and the "sight machine". Because the Borg use their unity for the purposes of war and destruction, while controlling all minds in its collective, the possibility for collective morality offered by technology has mutated into a collective immorality--the war machine directs them to destroy, and the sight machine (the Borg 'hive mind') makes sure that they obey. In the Borg collective, there are no individuals to offer alternatives or work for change. Therefore, in this interpretation, the Borg are a warning for those who seek a unified "collective intelligence" through technology; it can be used and controlled by agencies whose purposes are less than benevolent.
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