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PostSubject: ADDITIONS & CYBERNETIC IMPLANTS   Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:24 pm

1. Exoskeleton: All drones have a layer of armour that is "attached directly to the skin"; this armour covers almost all of the drone's body "except for the face and parts of the head" ("Exoskeleton"). This exoskeleton protects Borg drones, to a certain extent, from physical damage.

2. Neural Processor: The neural processor is implanted in the Borg drone just below the ribcage. This implant "sends out a neuro-electric field that is capable of regenerating damaged components on other Borg drones." This processor also heals "both organic and inorganic parts" ("The Borg Collective"), and "stores all info and instructions received from the collective" (The Borg: Documentary Video).

3. Neural Transceiver: The neural transceiver is implanted into the upper spinal column of every Borg drone. This transceiver is the medium through which all the knowledge and information received by a Borg drone is linked to the collective.

4. Cortical Node: The cortical node is implanted into the right temple of every Borg drone. This implant is absolutely essential to the survival of a drone. It is a "small tubular device, approximately eight centimetres long." This implant "regulates all Borg cybernetic implants, [...] suppresses the humanoid immune system and prevents drones from rejecting Borg implants." Lastly, as all Borg drones require regeneration periods to recharge and maintain their implants, the cortical node "allows drones to interface with an alcove and regenerate" ("Borg Cortical Node").
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