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PostSubject: ATTRIBUTES   ATTRIBUTES Icon_minitimeTue Oct 16, 2007 11:26 pm

The Borg can function in environments "normally harmful to organic life-forms, such as the vacuum of space" (The Borg: Documentary Video). This provides them with a great advantage in battle, for the ability to operate in the vacuum of space allows them to both repair their own ships and sabotage the enemy with great simplicity. Another advantage that the Borg have in battle is that their hive mind "allows for instantaneous adaptations to shield and phaser frequency modulations" (Aliens: The Borg). This ability for quick adaptation protects both Borg drones and their ships from sustaining most major forms of damage during battle.

The Borg have many cybernetic attributes that are derived from those they assimilated into their collective. All new assimilations are genetically and cybernetically altered during the assimilation process: first, nanoprobes are injected into the blood stream of the victim. These nanoprobes "attach to blood cells [and] re-write [the victim's] DNA" (The Borg: Documentary Video). Next, "cybernetic technology is implanted throughout the [victim's] body" to allow the new drone to become a part of the collective's hive mind. Due to these alterations, Borg drones need no organic sustenance. Instead, they ingest energy to fuel their cybernetic system ("Aliens: The Borg") and use regeneration alcoves to recharge their implants ("The Borg Collective").
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